First Aid is easy. We show you how.

First Aid in English

Most accidents happen when family or friends are around. Therefore, ASB Karlsruhe offers training in first aid to ensure almost everyone can perform life-saving measures in an emergency. This course is also valid for the German driver's licence.

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Kurz & knapp | Infos zum Lehrgang

  • Der Lehrgang kostet aktuell in der Regel 55,00 Euro für jede/n Teilnehmende/n. Den Preis sehen Sie jeweils in der Online-Anmeldemaske.
  • ASB-Mitglieder können diesen Lehrgang bzw. einen Kurs einmal im Jahr besuchen, indem sie den Erste-Hilfe-Gutschein für ASB-Mitglieder einlösen. 

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What else do we offer?

In addition to the traditional first aid courses, we offer special courses for children of pre-school or school age, and for parents in the event of emergencies involving babies or children. Animal lovers can also learn first aid for dogs.

Phone contact: (0721) 49008-500 | E-Mail: Z8Av4I$X%n/`9_x*=My!]#[8.1Yx2eNpVJB-B$pvV^e